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I can provide the best information about this topic because I own the note 10 plus since December 2019. It is undoubtedly a powerful cellphone, and I don’t think about changing it since it gave me no problems at all. However, I need to change the screen protector more often than I intend to. So, I created this article to help you choose the best screen protector for note 10 plus.

I only considered and listed those screen protectors that are long-lasting and do not make the touch quality poor.

Why Trust me?

I am a solopreneur, a father, and a husband. The reason to trust me is that I am a family man. And I do not want junk products for my family. I consider you (my readers) part of my family too. So, I only recommend the products that I used and will use. The items that I love for myself and my family.

You will never ever see me promoting products just for the sake of commission. As you can clearly see that I am transparent about being an associate (affiliate) of amazon. You can find disclosure on top of every post and in my blog’s footer, also on the advertiser disclosure page.

What is the best screen protectors for note 10 plus?

It depends on what type of protector you are looking for. For me, HD film protectors are the best. However, it cannot be right for everyone. Some prefer tempered glass, some prefer curved UV protectors, and some like HD transparent films.

If you are in a hurry, the given comparison table possesses the best Samsung galaxy note 10+ screen protectors. If you have time, read my unbiased reviews.


ArmorSuit MilitaryShield- Righteous Daddy Choice

best screen protector for note 10 plus

This is the one I am using myself. I really like this protector because it is made in the USA. And it’s a film protector. I am not very fond of a glass protector. Because I had no good experience with them.

✅Why Buy This?

The reason to buy this protector is its thin design and transparent HD film. It is precisely cut and fits perfectly on the screen. It covers the edges very well. Moreover, it is scratch-proof, and it has an auto-healing system that fixes minor scratches. You will also not experience the bubbling on the screen (but you have to place it correctly). I am using it for the last 6 months, and it has not a single scratch.

It is touch-responsive, and you will not feel you are hitting the brick to move things around. The installation is also effortless, and a noob like me can install this protector.

The ultrasonic fingerprint reader works perfectly fine while using this screen protector. Indeed, this protector offers outstanding value.

What is included in the box?

It comes with some accessories that help place this screen protector. The first thing is the protector film itself, spray for installation, the squeegee, and the microfiber cloth—also, the installation instruction pamphlet.

❌Why not buy this?

The only reason I can come up with not purchasing this is its inability to clear the oil. Sometimes I touch it with oily hands, and it is prone to get oily. However, this is a minor drawback. If you are not to glass and tempered glass protectors, then you should not buy this one.

Protector By IQ shield

IQ shield protector for note 10+

I have not used this one, but I have heard some good things about it so, I have added this to my list.

✅Why buy this?

The first reason to buy this is is its sleek design. It fits perfectly on the screen and gives a solid feel. The best thing about this protector is smoothness and touch sensitivity. It does not leave any bubbles and keep itself from getting minor scratches and warping as it sticks securely to the screen. Like Armor protector, it also does not leave any corners and fit according to the size of note 10+.

What included in the box?

The accessories are quite similar among the majority of the protectors. It includes the 2 screen protectors. You can have the one in the backup if things go haywire or if not, you can use it for the next replacement. The squeegee, the wet glue, and the instructions are included in the box.

❌Why not buy this?

Installation can be tricky for some people as it has a wet gluey installation. I like a simple and effortless installation; that’s why I opted for the first protector on my list. Again, it is not a glass protector so, if you want glass protection, then you must not buy this.

Screen Protector by Dome Glass

best tempered glass protector for note 10 plus

If you are into tempered glass protectors. And looking for the best tempered glass protector for Samsung note 10+, then you can’t go wrong with this one. I have researched, and this is the only protector that has more positive reviews than other brands. Moreover, this is the first protector I had ever got when I Purchased the new note 10 plus. You know the charm of new things, and then it fades away :(.

✅Why buy this?

Because it is a tempered glass protector. Meaning? Offers more protection than film protectors. In case of fall, the tempered glass gets damaged, not the screen so, that’s the reason most people opt for it. The second thing that can entice you is that even though it has tempered glass, you do not have to give up the fingerprint scanner.

Moreover, it does not attract dust; also, it is free from bubbles. However, you need to install it properly.

What’s included?

The protector comes with an installation frame and UV light for the best possible installation.

❌Why not buy this?

The first thing that can prevent you from buying this is its hefty price tag. The second thing it has a complicated installation, especially for beginners like me. Believe it or not, but the touch quality is not good when tempered glass is applied. That’s why I quit this protector and moved to HD film.

Wrapping it up….

In the end, for me, the best screen protector is ArmorSuit MilitaryShield. I am personally using it on my phone right now. The second one is IQ protection. However, I have never used it. Maybe I will order this one. And the third one for me is the dome glass protector. If you are more worried about screen security, then go for a tempered glass protector. However, you want some protection and don’t want to sacrifice the touch quality then, HD film protectors are your best bet.

If you are a galaxy note 10 plus owner. Share your experience with me in the comments section. I am a galaxy note 10+ owner too 😉

Righteous Daddy (Rehan)
Righteous Daddy (Rehan)

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