Clear Disclosure On Every Post 

I have been in the online business for the last 7 years. I failed numerous times and realized that honesty and transparency are more important online than in a conventional business. With that said. On every post of mine, you can clearly see advertiser disclosure saying As an amazon associate, I earn from qualifying purchasing,

Again, if you guys missed it, is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for me to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites.

Why do I need to Monetize My Blog?

The straightforward answer is that to make money. This is my business. And, I am putting so much effort into bringing you excellent content. So, I deserve it. Also,

My ultimate goal to make a lot of money out of this blog. No, one says that, but they are not righteous, daddy. Are they?

However, my goal is not just to make money. My utmost priority is to bring you the best content. That’s what I am good at. That’s what I love to do. Helping others is my goal. See, As, I disclosed that I am a father now of a son. So, my son will look at me. I want to make this world a better place for him. For You, and myself as well.

As I am the sole owner of this blog so, every work has been done by myself. The expenses I need to pay to run this blog is hosting and domain. And for running campaigns as well.

The truth is that. The content will be free to you. And If you purchase via affiliate links. From my content, I will get rewarded for my hard work. It will cost you nothing. You are going to purchase the items anyway :D.

I will not bombard you with emails as I am not going to collect them at all! So, the spam from my end will never happen. Also, I want to keep my blog as clean as possible. So, I have not monetized it with Accursed pop-up ads and redirects. That’s just a shady thing to do with your readers. I am not shady. Me righteous ;).

To Summarize It…… 

This blog will always be free to read. You can share your experience with me via the comment section or by emailing me, or via the contact me page. To sum it up more clearly. I provide you the best possible: listicles, reviews, buyer’s guide, and information. These articles contain “affiliate links.” If you ended up purchasing items using them, I would earn a commission at no additional cost to you.

You support my blog. So, If you want to see this blog grow, do share it with others. And remember that my articles are unbiased. Transparency and honesty is everything for me. I never consider the amount of commission while sharing the list of products and stuff with you.