What To Look For In a Gaming Mouse? Infographic Buying Guide

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If you are a gamer, you would definitely love to have a gaming mouse. But you do not know what it takes to choose the best gaming mouse. Or, you probably know that, and you are just reassuring yourself that the gaming mouse you are going to get is as excellent as you thought. Nevertheless, I will share some tips to help you choose the best gaming mouse in this buying guide.

Let’s get started. The given below infographic is for those who are in a hurry. If, not read the full article.

what to look for in best gaming mouse infographic

First, You need to determine the purpose

Confused? Yeah, I was too. The selection of the mouse totally depends upon your usage. Like, the gaming niches, you are one. For instance, you love to play FPS games like PUBG, Call of Duty, etc.

You should get a mouse that offers you great control. In laymen’s terms, you need a mouse that provides a reliable grip. So, when you aim at your opponent, the hold on your mouse should be firm. And your target does not get missed because your hand slipped from the mouse.

How do I know?

Because I also play FPS games sometimes. And, trust me, with an ordinary mouse, I cannot survive. However, the gaming mouse does give me an advantage, and I was able to take some chicken dinners at home 😉.

What if you are into other gaming?

Above. I only mentioned the games I know about. If you are into different niches of gaming. You need to determine which mouse is most suitable for you. To make the decision about grip.  You have three primary options.

  1. Fingertip
  2. Claw
  3. Palm

You need to figure out what type suits you the most, and then from there, you will move further to the next step.


It seems like the size of a mouse must be similar for everyone, but it does not. Some have large hands, some have small hands, and some people come with perfect hands :D. Well, I have little hands, so I use a small and compact mouse for work and gaming.

You need to determine what size of a mouse will be a perfect fit for you, and then you will move to the next step from there.

I would highly recommend measuring your hand size before purchasing any mouse. And know that the width is more important than the length of a mouse.


Dpi and Cpi are the same things, but different brand uses different terminologies. So, do not get confused if some brand has mentioned CPI and others has mentioned DPI. The Cpi is count per inch, and dpi stands for dot per inch. The higher the DPI or CPI the more accurate your mouse would be. These terms have to do with the accuracy of the mice.

Suppose you are looking for a gaming mouse that offers extra sensitivity and faster clicks. In that case, you should go for a mouse that provides a higher DPI number. There are some best gaming mice available in the market that offer up to a DPI of 20,000. Usually, people are satisfied with much lesser, like 8000 to 12000 DPI mice.

So, if you want a gaming mouse that offers accuracy and faster clicking, then go for the one that provides a higher DPI.


Weight is another factor you need to look for when purchasing a gaming mouse. Some people love lightweight mice. Like, I prefer a lightweight mouse for my work and gaming sessions. While some people do love heavy mice. So, it totally depends on you what type of mouse you want for your gaming needs.

Ergonomic design

Ah, all ordinary mice come in the same shape—a plastic slab with two buttons and one scroller in the middle. However, gaming mice gives you flexibility in terms of design. There are gaming mice for every type of hand, as well as your hold positions as well. So, you do not have more strain on your hand, your arm while gaming for long hours.


I think durability is a must-have feature in everything. You simply cannot buy a thing that turns into junk after some time. So, in pursuit of saving some bucks, I would recommend you to spend extra on the mouse that offers a sturdy button and durable design.

Wired or wireless?

Do you like cords or want to go wireless while choosing the gaming mouse? If you wish to have a corded one, that’s up to you. I personally prefer wireless mice. They are easy to use. But, again, everyone has a different mindset. So, it depends on you what suits you the most.

There are hybrid mice as well. They offer both wired and wireless connectivity. If you are not sure which type you should choose. I would recommend you to go for a mouse that provides both wired and wireless connectivity.


Let’s look at some of the extra features you need to consider when shopping for a gaming mouse.

These features are not necessary but can be handy for your gaming needs.


The gaming mice have more buttons than ordinary mice. So, they offer you a lot of customization options. You can use all the extra buttons it has for some purpose. You can assign different tasks and to other buttons.

Now a majority of the gaming mice comes with beautiful lighting, just like gaming desktops and laptops. You can match your gaming mouse with your gaming pc lighting as well.

Sensitivity options

Well, the best gaming mice offer sensitivity controlling options to their users. You can control the sensitivity of movements according to your own preference.

Optical or laser mouse?

I am adding this extra section because this feature did not bother me much, but everyone is different. Some people genuinely prefer optical mouse while some are all the rage for laser mice. I am the latter.

But, let me give you a piece of honest advice. The best gaming mice are optical ones, and I highly recommend you shop for the optical mouse if you are a heavy gamer.

Wrapping it up!

I hope the things you are looking for are answered. If not, ask freely in the comment section below. In the article, you can see that I have recommended different types of mice. I have done some research and listed those mice so; you do not leave this blog without some recommendations from righteous daddy. 😉


Righteous Daddy (Rehan)
Righteous Daddy (Rehan)

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