What To Look For in a Hair Dryer?

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When it comes to choosing the best hair dryer, look for factors other than the price. What to look for in a hair dryer depends significantly on your hair type. But this guide is based on a conventional hairdryer. After going through the 10 enlisted factors, it will be substantially more comfortable to pick out a suitable hairdryer for your hair.

Let’s get started.


You will come across various types of dryers in the market: ionic/tourmaline, ceramic/porcelain, and titanium. Which is the right choice?

If you have naturally thick, curly, wavy, or frizzy hair difficult to dry, ionic or tourmaline dryers are the best choice. Ionic technology emits negative and positive ions that break up the water molecule and dries the hair with minimum hair damage. I have covered the best hair dryer for curly hair. With that said, tourmaline is a semi-precious mineral that generates negative ions only. Either the dryer contains some parts of the tourmaline, or they may be coated with this mineral. As it is a rare gemstone, the tourmaline hair dryers are heavy on the pocket. These dryers aren’t the right choice if you have thin and fine hair.

If your hair is prone to dehydration – they are dry, I would recommend using a ceramic or porcelain hairdryer. Instead, such hair dryers are ideal for all types of hair. These dryers either use negative ions or infrared heat to dry the hair from inside out.

If you have thick and volumized hair, use titanium hair dryers. These hair dryers distribute the heat evenly. They are a lot hotter as compared to other dryers, so never use them on damaged hair. These offer fast drying time. These are usually light-weight, so they are effortless and comfortable to hold.

So now you know! First of all, all you have to do is look and ask for the right type of dryer per your hair type.


The next step is to look out for the dryer’s power.

A low watt hair dryer means a low-quality motor. The watts determine the potential of the motor equipped in the hairdryer. The higher the watts, the powerful the motor is!

If you have fine thin hair, a 1500 watts or more hairdryer will benefit you.

But if you have thick, volumized hair that is extremely difficult to dry, you need a powerful dryer. I would say an 1800-2000 watts dryer would be decent for your hair.


Next comes the weight of the dryer.

Most people overlook the weight of the dryer. However, it is essential. I have seen dryers weighing almost 3 pounds, which makes it very difficult for people to hold. You can rarely keep them for 10 minutes, and then your arms start aching. That is why it is imperative to choose a light-weight, compact, and comfortable hairdryer. To me, a hairdryer that weighs 1 pound or less is the ideal one.

Heat and Speed Settings

A hairdryer must allow you to customize its speed and heat of your choice. Usually, there are 3 heat (low, medium, high) and 2 speed settings (low, high).

If you have thin hair, put the dryer on low speed, and it will work amazingly well on your hair. The rate should be less.

For hair that is not too thin and not too thick but lies somewhere in the middle, a medium heat setting is ideal.

If you have thick and volumized hair, you know that nothing else will help you except high heat and speed.

Cool Shot

The latest hair dryers feature a cool shot button in them.

The cool shot button helps to lock in the hairstyle by blasting off the hair with cool air. Remember, you should not use the cool shot button before your hair is 80% dried. Do not use it even after full drying of the hair; otherwise, it will overheat your hair.


A dryer that comes with attachments: diffuser, concentrator, and comb are convenient.

A diffuser works really well on curly hair. It helps in preserving the correct definition and texture of the curls. A diffuser is often removable, so you can easily attach and detach it when needed. I have listed some of the best hair dryers for curls

A concentrator helps in straightening the hair. It also reduces frizz in the hair. Never make the mistake of making the concentrator come in contact with your hair; otherwise, you will be in problem. A concentrator leaves your hair really sleek and shiny.

A comb works really well with curly and thick hair. It snaps on to the end of the dryer just like a diffuser and a concentrator. You can add or remove it when needed.

So now you know how different helpful attachments are that come with hair dryers.


When choosing the best hair dryer, invest in a good one – even if it is pricey. Pricier dryers tend to leave the hair healthier and prettier. In contrast, the cheaper dryers die out after few days of use. So next time you see a heavy on the pocket dryer, don’t hesitate to buy it.


After you have decided upon the pricey hairdryer, don’t forget to check its warranty. It should have at least 2 years of warranty – including the cost of shipping.

Handheld, Wall Mounted or Hooded Hair Dryers

Hairdryers come in three different shapes and sizes. You can hold them in hand, mount them on the wall, or there are hooded/standing hair dryers. Hooded hair dryers are generally used in salons. You are likely to find wall-mounted dryers in hotels. Handheld hairdryers are the most common dryers available in the market.

Choose the hair dryer according to your comfort and what suits you the most.


A hairdryer shouldn’t be too large or too small to handle. It should fit perfectly in your hand.

Power Cord

Last but not least, the power cord of the hairdryer!

Cheaper hair dryers have a really short power cord, making it very difficult for you to dry your hair. If you are tall, you’d have to sit down to dry your hair, and that’s so frustrating. Such dryers have cords not more than 3 ft long. Fancy dryers now offer power cords up to 7 ft long and above. You should opt for such a dryer.

Besides the length, you should also lookout for the durability of the cord. Is it thin, is it thick or what? I would recommend a thick cord as it is more durable and less likely to break.

Wrapping it up! 

These ten factors, I personally think, are crucial to consider when looking for a good hairdryer. I hope you’d find this article really helpful and informative. I have constructed this guide for you, so you don’t invest in a cheap dryer next time. Your money and time are as vital to me as it is you. Keep visiting my website for more amazing articles and guides.

Thank you!

Righteous Daddy (Rehan)
Righteous Daddy (Rehan)

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