What To Look For When Buying Wireless Earbuds

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A good pair of wireless earbuds is an every-day need. We use them while driving, exercising, listening to music, and watching videos. Not all earbuds in the market are high-quality. Few indicators help in identifying good earbuds and avoiding dreadful ones. I have summed up those indicators in this article.

Without any delay, let’s get started.

  1. Types of Wireless Earbuds

First of all, it is very important to know what different types of wireless earbuds in the market are.

a. Truly Wireless: These are Bluetooth earbuds with no cords or wires.



  • Such earbuds are free from hooks and wires.

  • They are usually compact and light in weight.

  • They offer poor battery timing.

  • These buds are very expensive.

b. Truly Wireless with Ear Hooks: These buds shape around the ear’s outer side for their stability. These are usually flexible and stable.



  • They feature hooks for perfect fitting.

  • They offer great battery timing.

  • Such buds are usually cheaper than the truly wireless ones. 

  • Such earbuds make the top and back of the ears sore after a while.

  • In extremely sweaty conditions, they may lose connection and have music disruptions.

c. Wire-Connected Earbuds: As the name suggests, these buds use wire to connect and store batteries, antenna, or microphones.



  • They are usually low in price.

  • They provide great battery timing.

  • Managing cords and wires is nothing but a hassle.

So now you know, there are different types of wireless earbuds available in the market. Choose the desired earbuds keeping in view your needs and budget.

  1. Cost

You should be prepared that a good pair of earbuds won’t be cheap. I would also suggest you not go for something affordable. High-quality earbuds have high-quality equipment in them, which, I assure you, won’t be inexpensive. You will have to take a significant chunk out of your savings to buy something outstanding. Make it a one-time investment.

  1. Codecs

The next thing you should look for is what codecs the buds support. AAC runs really smooth on iOS devices, while most Android devices support aptX. The most basic buds support SBC only. SBC doesn’t support high-resolution music and has limited transmission speed. Choose the right codec according to your device.

  1. Ear Tips

The earbuds you are planning to buy should come with different sizes of ear tips. Most people tend to overlook this fact, but I assure you, these are very important. Not all people usually have sized ears. Some have small while some have large ears. That is why the buds should come with different-sized ear tips so you could pick one for you according to your ear type. Ensure the earbuds fit perfectly inside your ear, sealing the ear canal so that no unnecessary noise enters the ears. The earbuds shouldn’t cause irritation or discomfort.

  1. Battery Timing

Earbuds featuring solid battery timing are also very important. Earbuds offering battery timing between 3 to 5 hours on a single charge is ideal. The charging case should top up the earbuds 3 to 4 times before recharging itself. Any buds offering battery timing below this is not normal and should be avoided.

  1. Controls

Recent earbuds have either sensors or buttons on them to increase/decrease volume, skip a track, activate voice assistants, and answer/decline the calls. All can be done without the use of a mobile phone. Also, now in earbuds, there is an automatic sensation that when you take out the bud from your ear, the music is paused, and when you put them back in your ear, the music resumes. Cheap earbuds lack such controls and require a mobile device to control and make adjustments.

  1. Active Noise Cancellation

Noise-canceling earbuds block out the unnecessary nearby noises, allowing you to focus on your music only. Recent earbuds feature “HearThrough Mode,” which allows you to adjust the level of noises that are comfortable to you. Any time you can mute and listen to what the other person is saying without taking off your buds. Amazing, isn’t it? Cheaper models lack active noise cancellation.

  1. Charging Case

The charging case of the buds should be solid, light, and compactly designed. Also, it should keep earbuds secure in place.

  1. Sound Quality

Some earbuds target bass, whereas others focus on vocal clarity. Choose your buds wisely, depending upon your taste in music. Before purchasing the buds, give them a test try. This will save you from lifetime regret. The sound quality shouldn’t be poor and tinny. They should be able to handle the bass, mid-range, lead instruments, and vocal effects.

  1. Volume Adjustment

Some earbuds don’t provide enough sound even at 100% volume, while others do the job at 50% volume only. As I said earlier, give the buds a test try. Check out the volume and sound quality. Then, choose accordingly.

  1. Water Resistance

No matter how much you try to keep your sensitive electronic devices away from moisture, they do come in contact with water once in a lifetime. You may accidentally spill coffee upon them, and many other such occasions could occur. Or if you are on the move – exercising, driving, etc., for instance, I have listed some of the best wireless earbuds for driving. Chances are, your earbuds would come in contact with your sweat. That is why it is essential that your earbuds should have water resistance. Some buds can survive increasing amounts of water – rainfall, while some can only survive a splash of water.

Wrapping it up! 

These are all the factors you need to keep in mind while choosing the best pair of wireless earbuds. If you look for these indications before choosing and purchasing the buds, I assure you, you will never face disappointments. Although earbuds are every-day use, it doesn’t mean they should be cheap or less-quality. Invest big but in something good.

Thank you!

Righteous Daddy (Rehan)
Righteous Daddy (Rehan)

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