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Ground coffee is the most popular form of coffee in the market. One thing is sure that we all love coffee. From its aroma to its taste, it is just magical. Isn’t it? I love coffee a lot. I prefer dark coffee or an espresso shot for boosting my energy. However, you are not here to hear about me but to know about the best ground coffee. So, without any delaying tactics. I will get to the point and assist you in getting the best ground coffee.

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What Have I Covered in this article?

  • FAQ
  • List of best ground coffee
  • Infographic buyer’s guide
 How do you make coffee with ground coffee?

There are numerous ways to brew ground coffee. But I will talk about the most straightforward method—the way my wife makes it for me. You do not need a coffee maker or expensive machines for this method. However, there are 4 things you need.

  1. Ground Coffee
  2. A Coffee Mug
  3. Spoon
  4. Hot Water


Step 1: put the coffee grounds in the mug. One tablespoon would be enough. However, you can adjust the serving according to your own preference.

Step 2: Add a small amount of hot water to the mug.

Step 3: Let the water and coffee grounds sit for 4 to 5 minutes.

Step 4: Now stir and press them with the spoon for some time.

Step 5: Now, you will see that it is blended perfectly. Add the remaining water according to your own preference. I fill a half cup for myself.

That’s how We (me and my wife) brew the ground coffee. And that’s the method to use ground coffee without a coffee maker.

Ground Coffee Vs. Instant Coffee?

Due to my brewing method, the question has arisen: What is the difference between instant coffee and ground coffee?

The most straightforward answer is that the ground coffee is not already brewed. In contrast, instant coffee is ground coffee that is already brewed. Ground coffee gives you consistency, while instant coffee is mixable in any type of liquid you want.

Is ground coffee better than instant coffee?

Indeed, it is better.

What are the excellent ground coffee brands?

For me, it’s the Death wish. The dark roasted coffee grounds by death wish is my choice. However, see the comparison table below to see some of the best coffee grounds.

I have chosen the top 5 after analyzing around 25 brands.

In short, the best ground coffee brands are Death wish, Starbucks, Bizzy, Primos Coffee Co., and kicking horse coffee.




RighteousDaddy Choice

Dark Roast Coffee Grounds By Death Wish 

Subtle Notes of Cherry and Chocolate.
Starbucks Veranda Blend
Soft cocoa also has this subtle roasted nuts flavor.

Bizzy Coarse Ground Coffee

Best for cold brew

the hints of hazelnut and caramel.

Primos Company Co French Press Specialty

Best For French Press

Sweet taste with hints of citrus.

Hola By Kicking Horse Coffee

red currant acidic blended with honey 


Dark Roast Coffee Grounds By Death Wish – Righteous Daddy Choice 

best strong ground coffee with double caffeine

If you are into dark and robust coffee, then I would highly recommend you choosing death wish dark roast ground coffee.

Why do I recommend this one?

The following things convinced me to choose death wish.


For me, the stronger the coffee, the better. However, it can be a drawback for some. So, I am talking about people who love their cup of joe as healthy as possible.

Cherry and Chocolaty Taste

It has an intense aroma, and it tastes like chocolate with a hint of cherry. I found its taste to be unbelievably delicious. My love for coffee has been increased since I started sipping this coffee.

Organic & USDA certified

There is nothing more important than peace of mind when it’s come to shopping for the things we put into our stomachs. The death wish has been made from 9 different beans they have imported from various countries. And yes, they are all organic, so you will be getting only natural caffeine dose. Also, the cherry on top of that has been USDA organic coffee Certification.

People and other bloggers vouch for it

The reason for choosing and making my mind about death wish is the public opinion as well. Not only people but other shark bloggers have only positive things to say about it. So, I had to consider that, and I am happy that I made the right decision.


It’s time to look at its negative aspects. This is one of the most robust coffee, and it really has exceptionally high caffeine content. So, if you are insensitive to caffeine, do not buy this. You are going to have jitters for sure. Still, you want to try, please use it in a small amount at first. Know your tolerance first, and then go for it.

Things I liked

✅Makes you Highly alert
✅No bitter taste or aftertaste

Things I disliked

❌Very strong for some people
❌Makes you jittery


My Two Cents

Death wish is one of the best dark roasted coffee grounds you can get for yourself. It has an enjoyable taste with no sour aftertaste at all. It has high caffeine content that makes you as alert like a soldier. If you are into dark and robust coffee and high caffeine tolerance, go for it.

If you are caffeine sensitive and have certain disorders that can be triggered by high caffeine, I would not recommend buying it.

Starbucks Veranda Blend

best blonde roast ground coffee

If you are into Starbucks coffee then, this blend would be perfect for you. It is cheaper than buying from the store so, that’s why I have to add it.


Why do I recommend this one?

Because it is by Starbucks. A well-known brand around the world. The reason for suggesting this blend are the following:

Tasting Notes

It has a delightful taste. Verdana blend tastes like cocoa. Umm. The soft cocoa also has this subtle roasted nuts flavor. According to Starbucks, it has baking chocolate and toasted malt flavor. So, I think I guessed it pretty well.

Sourced From Latin America

Starbucks has brought this flavoring from Latin America. The beans they used in this ground coffee are very famous in Latin America for cocoa and nutty taste.

Quality you can count on

Starbucks is famous because it has quality. Same quality you can feel in this blend as well. Verdana blend has 100 percent Arabica beans in it.


If you are into strong tasting coffee then, it is not suitable for you. See, in reviewing ground coffee, I realized that one coffee’s drawback is favorable for another person. Like death wish coffee has a strong taste, and it is disliked by the people who love mild and smooth coffee. While it has a mild flavor and is considered as one of the light coffee. Opposed by the people who are into strong coffee. And I am the one who is into intense coffee.

Things I liked

✅Mild and smooth taste
✅No bitter aftertaste
✅Light caffeine content

Things I disliked

❌Not suitable for people who are into strong caffeine


My Two Cents 

The Verdana blend has a smooth and mild cocoa taste with the notes of toasted nuts. If you are into this type of coffee, I would highly recommend you get it. The caffeine content is noticeably light and gives you jitters at all. But if you are like and want your coffee to be as strong as possible, avoid this one and get the death wish.

Bizzy Coarse Ground Coffee- Best for cold brew

best ground coffee for cold brew

I have listed this product for those who want to have a cold brew coffee. I researched a lot and found this one to be the best among many other brands.

Why Do I Recommend This?

The following qualities made me list this.

Best Ground Coffee for Cold brewing

This is the best ground coffee for cold brewing. It has a unique blend, and that gives you a smooth and even cold-brewing experience.

Brew the way you Like

This is the point that made me list these coffee grounds. You can do the cold brewing the way you like it. For me, I like cold-brewed coffee with less water so I can have strong content. However, if you are in the light range, then you can add more water. The surprising thing is that the quality does not disappear. It remains consistent.

Ethically Sourced and USDA organic Certified

Bizzy Coffee has organic ingredients and certified by USDA. According to them, they have gathered the beans from Peru, Nicaragua, and Guatemala. They also claim that they have the highest quality organic ingredients only. And I agree with them. Without any doubt, the quality is top-notch.

Taste Notes

This coffee is medium roasted and highly suitable for cold brewing. While sipping this coffee, you will notice the hints of hazelnut and caramel.


As this one is specifically designed for the cold brew, it may or may not taste good with regular brewing. In simple words, It is not made for the usual brewing.

Things I liked

✅Best for cold brewing
✅Smooth taste
✅Consistent with both small and large amount of water

Things I disliked  

❌Not suitable for usual brewing

My Two Cents

This ground coffee is excellent for cold brewing. It has a smooth and enjoyable taste. Also, it does not lose its consistency with a large amount of water. I highly recommend it if you are into cold brewing. However, I do not recommend this for ordinary brewing.

Primos Company Co French Press Specialty- The best ground coffee for French press

The best ground coffee for French press

I recommend getting these medium roasted coffee grounds to those who are into slow brewing. Also, suitable for the French press.

Why Do I recommend this?

The following things made it stand out, among others.

Directly Sourced

This is what makes it unique among many ground coffee brands. It has direct sourcing from the farms of Primos to you.

Balanced Content  

As you probably can see, some coffees are too strong, and some are too light. Finding the middle ground is not an easy task. But this company managed to find it. And you will genuinely enjoy this brand for sure. It is neither too strong nor too light. It has a perfect balance.

Tasting Notes

It has a smooth and sweet taste with hints of citrus. It is mild, medium body coffee. Low in acidity and more consistent as it is not blended coffee. That is also it is the best ground coffee for the French press.


It has steep coarse ground, so; it takes extra time in French pressing than some other products.

Things I liked

✅Well balanced taste
✅The Scent is voluptuous
✅Best for French press

Things I liked

❌Takes time to brew evenly

My two cents

I highly recommend this coffee to those who are into French pressing. This ground coffee is also suitable who are into medium roasted coffee grounds. It has no overpowering content, neither is it too low. I can indeed say that it has one of the well-balanced coffee I have ever found.

If you have less time and, on the run, then this coffee is not suitable for you. As I mentioned above, it takes time to get consistent.

Hola By Kicking Horse Coffee

best light roasted coffee grounds

I only liked medium and dark roasted coffee until I found Hola by kicking Horse Coffee. This is light roast coffee. Suitable for pour-over, cold brew, and drip machine.

Why do I recommend this?

The following points made it stand out from other light roasted coffee grounds.


This blend has been sourced from South America and Central America.

Nice Aroma

This coffee has one of the loveliest aromas. You can clearly smell berry, cocoa, and nougat in it. The hint of brown sugar is also present in its smell.

Its taste Notes

It has red currant acidic blended with honey taste.

Type of Beans

It has a 100 percent arabica beans source so, the quality is excellent.


This coffee has no decaf edition. Also, intense coffee lovers are not going to like it. As it is one of the light roasted ground coffee.

Things I liked

✅Smooth taste
✅Great Aroma

Things I disliked

❌No decaffeinated edition
❌Not suitable for people who love intense coffee

My Two Cents

This is lightly roasted coffee, so it is noticeably light, the taste is smooth, and it can be used for cold brew and pour-over. The coffee is 100 percent organic, so you have this pesticide-free peace of mind. And, it has this different aroma from many types of coffee. I would recommend this coffee to those who are into the light and smooth experience.

I would not recommend this to those who want to have an intensive coffee experience. 😉

What To Look For In A Ground Coffee?

I have created the following infographic and text-based buyer’s guide to help you choose the best ground coffee.

best ground coffee infographic


Roast Type

First of all, you need to determine what kind of roasting you like the most: the light one, medium, the dark roasted, or the darkest roasted coffee grounds. Choose the one according to your own preference.

Coffee Flavor

Every Coffee I have mentioned had a distinctive flavor. When you shop for ground coffee, choose the one that has your favorite flavoring.

Brew Type

Before buying your coffee, you need to determine what type of brewing you like the most. Like I have listed the specific coffee grounds for cold brew. The French press and for the pour-over. So, before choosing the coffee, you should know how you are going to brew it. To have the best taste and experience, understanding the brew type and coffee grounds are essential.

You do not want to use the coffee beans for regular brewing that are made for the cold brew. If you do that you are going to have a bad experience. Similarly, opt for the coffee beans suitable for regular brew instead of choosing the beans made for French press or espresso machines.

Caffeinated or decaffeinated?

This step also totally depends upon you. IF I have to choose, I will always choose the caffeinated coffee over the decaf one. But that’s my own personal preference. You can select the one that you like 😉.


Ensure that the coffee beans you are getting are 100 percent organic because organic stuff gives you peace of mind. Organic coffee is free of pesticides and insecticides, so you will not be putting your health at risk.

Grind Level

There are different grinding levels for coffee grounds. Ensure that you are picking the one you like the most. The most common grind types are:

  • Coarse grind
  • Medium grind
  • fine grind
  • Espresso
Packaging Quality

The quality of the packaging matters. But it is not the ultimate deciding factor. Good coffee always comes in secure and sealed packaging.

Aroma- The natural or artificial

The coffee grounds have different aromas. It delights our senses, but you should always be careful about choosing your coffee when it comes to aroma. I prefer natural, organic coffee beans that have a natural aroma. However, there are coffee grounds that are artificial fragrance. They do entice your senses, but they can be harmful.

Origin source

You have seen above that I have mentioned the places from the coffee has been originated. The origin of coffee beans determines their quality, acidity, and taste. So, before buying the one, you should have a more in-depth look at coffee beans’ origin.

Wrapping it up…

Hope you found this article helpful because I tried my best to help you choose the best coffee brand that came on my list after extensive research. I analyzed around 25 brands and only settled with the top 5. However, if you have not found the product you are looking for, I have created the buyer’s guide to help you shop for the best coffee.

Give your feedback, opinions, or anything you want to share in the comment section below.

Hope you will appreciate the hard work I put in.

See you, fellas, in another article.

Righteous Daddy (Rehan)
Righteous Daddy (Rehan)

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