Best Hair Dryer For Acrylic Pouring In 2021

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Acrylic pouring is a technique used to produce captivating artwork. The paints of different colors are poured directly from the cups one by one, or the colors are first mixed and then poured onto a surface. To let the paint flow in each direction, either the surface is tilted, or a hairdryer is used. Yes, you read it right. A hairdryer! Not only can you dry and style your hair with a hairdryer, but you can also use it for acrylic paintings and to dry your paints. Notable, isn’t it?

It is amusing to watch how a hairdryer splatters the paint around the surface with minimum paint waste. You can create dozens of acrylic paintings and hang them as a decoration in your home.

I reached out few markets to find out the best hair dryer available for acrylic pouring paintings. To my astonishment, I discovered three hair dryers that are incredibly functional for your hair as well as paintings.

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What are the best hairdryers for acrylic pouring?

Let’s review those blow dryers in detail.

Remington D3190 Hair Dryer- RIghtoues Daddy Choice 

Best hairdryer for acrylic pouring

This is the very first dryer on my list.


Everyone knows Remington rules the market. It never fails to provide the best possible quality. No one till now can beat Remington when it comes to producing high-quality and efficient hairstyling electronics. Remington D3190 hairdryer is a combination of ceramic, ionic, and tourmaline technologies. It provides three times more protection while styling and makes hair less frizzy.


Let’s have a quick review of all of its excellent and powerful features.

Protection against Hair Damage: Remington 3190 is equipped with micro-conditioners and advanced coating technology to protect against hair damage three times. It makes hair healthy, shiny, and frizz-free.

Heat and Speed Settings: This hair dryer proffers three heat settings and two-speed settings. You can choose and set the setting of your choice in accordance with your hair type.

Cool Shot: After you are done with styling your hair, the cool shot button will help you in locking your hairstyle right at its place. Really COOL!

Removable Filter: You can conveniently clean the air filter as it is removable. Cleaning it from time to time will produce efficient results.

Concentrator and Diffuser: Concentrator helps straighten the hair. The diffuser is efficient for creating waves and curls in the hair.
Note: You’ll be happy to know that the diffuser and concentrator are included with the hairdryer. You won’t have to purchase it separately.

This is all about its features.


Let’s have a quick review of its captivating design now.

Dimensions: Remington 3190 measures 4 x 11.88 x 9.38 inches.

Weight: It weighs 2 pounds only. This means it is super light and compact to carry around.

Material: This hair dryer is made up of ceramic material.

Colors: You can choose from two attractive colors: Purple and grey.


It is now time to review all of Remington D3190’s downsides.

Diffuser Pops Off Easily: The first defect I found in D3190 is that the diffuser pops off quite easily from it. It is easily breakable when it hits the floor. So, you need to be really careful while using the diffuser.

Not Good for Curly Hair: The diffuser’s prong is very few in numbers and short in size that they cannot keep the curls intact.

Let’s have a quick review of the things I liked and disliked in Remington D3190.

Things I Liked

Things I Disliked

  • Provides 3X more protection against hair damage

  • Three heat and two-speed settings

  • Light-weight and compact

  • The diffuser pops off easily.

  • Not suitable for curly hair



Remington D3190 is an excellent hairdryer if you want frizz-free hair. It provides excellent protection against damage. Besides styling hair, It’s three heat and two-speed settings make it considerably efficient for paintings using acrylic pouring.

Conair 1875 Watt Full Size Pro Hair Dryer

hairdryer for acrylic pouring

The second hairdryer ideal for acrylic pouring in my list is the Conair pro hairdryer.


Like the first hairdryer I have mentioned in this article, Conair’s hairdryer also features more than one technology: Ionic and Ceramic Tourmaline. The ions help distribute heat evenly and cut down the drying time; on the other hand, the ceramic tourmaline fights frizz and makes hair shiny and silky.


Below enlisted are all the features this Conair’s hairdryer possesses.

Heat and Speed Settings: This hair dryer features 3 heat and 2-speed settings. You can conveniently customize the settings according to your hair type.

Removable Filter: With a removable filter, you can easily clean it. Plus, it also reduces the chance of lint-buildup.

Cool Shot: Just like Remington D3190, Conair’s hairdryer also possesses a cool shot button that helps you lock the hairstyle at its place.

Tourmaline Ceramic & Ions Conditioning: Conair 1875 contains tourmaline ceramic technology as well as ions conditioning. The natural ions fight frizz and make your hair shiny and smooth. In contrast, the tourmaline ceramic technology cuts down drying time and prevents damage.

Concentrator: A concentrator nozzle is included with the hairdryer to make hair smooth.

This is all about its features.


Let’s have a quick analysis of its captivating design.

Dimensions: Conair 1875 watts full size pro hair dryer measures 3.63 x 9.25 x 10.27 inches.

Weight: It weighs 1.5 pounds only.

Color: This hairdryer is available in two enticing colors: Black/Chrome and Teal.

Material: The dryer features a ceramic body.

Motor: It is equipped with a powerful DC motor.

This is all about its design.


Upon researching, I found various downsides of Conair 1875. These downsides are as follow:

No Difference between Warm and Hot Settings: First of all, I would like to state no noticeable difference between warm and hot settings. Whatsoever settings you are using between these two, you will feel the same heat coming through.

Short Cord: The power cord is only 5 feet long. It is fine as long as you are 5 feet tall or above. But, ladies, if you are a little taller than 5’5 or 6, then either you will have to find an extension, or you will have to sit to dry or style your hairs.

Besides these two, I didn’t find anything wrong with this hairdryer.

Let’s have a quick inspection of the things I liked and disliked in the Conair 1875 watts.

Things I Liked

Things I Disliked

  • Removable filter

  • Cool shot button

  • Light-weight and compact

  • Captivating design

  • No noticeable difference between hot and warm settings

  • Short power cord (only 5 feet long)


After processing all of the information into my mind, I have concluded that Conair 1875 watts full-size pro hairdryer is comparatively a fair choice. The reason why I have chosen this for acrylic pouring is because of its speed and heat customization. Moreover, it also works amazingly on your hair.

Revlon 1875W Infrared Heat Hair Dryer

best infrared hair dryer for acrylic pouring

This is the third and final hair dryer on my list.


Revlon 1875 watts hair dryer is one of the perfect hair accessories you can ever lay hands on. It is so beautiful that you can’t get your eyes off it. Besides its attractive design, it also works exceptionally well and fast on your hair.


Let’s analyze all of its features comprehensively.

Infrared Heat and Tourmaline Ionic Technologies: Revlon 1875 features infrared heat and tourmaline ionic technologies. Infrared heat adds extra shine and softness to the hair. Inversely, tourmaline ionic technology helps fight frizz and prevents hair damage.

Heat and Speed Settings: With dual heat settings, you can customize the temperature according to your need. Likewise, you can also choose either of the dual speed settings according to your hair preference.

Cool Shot Button: Like every other high-quality hairdryer, Revlon 1875 also contains cool shot buttons that help you lock in your hairstyle.

Concentrator and Diffuser: A concentrator and diffuser are included with the dryer for maximum refinement.

Section Clips: Sectioning clips are also included with the dryer for easy styling of the hair.

This is all about its features.


Time to review its eye-catching design.

Dimensions: Revlon 1875 measures 4.1 x 11 x 9.7 inches.

Weight: It weighs 2.07 pounds only.

Material: This hair dryer features a triple ceramic coating for maximum hair protection.

This is all about its design.


Like every other product, this hairdryer is also not free of faults. So, let’s review its significant downsides.

A Bit Heavier: First of all, it’s a bit heavier to hold. It weighs heavier than the other two hairdryers I have mentioned in this article.

Cool Shot Button is Clumsily Placed: The cool shot button is awkwardly placed. You will have to hold down the cool shot button all the time while drying the hair. This makes it very difficult to hold and style your hair.

Besides these, there aren’t any defects in it.

Let’s have a quick review of all the things I liked and disliked in it.

Things I Liked

Things I Disliked

  • Prevents hair damage

  • Hair accessories included

  • Beautiful design

  • Little heavy to hold

  • The cool shot button is clumsily placed.


Considering all the things, the Revlon 1875 watts hairdryer is a decent choice for acrylic pouring. However, it is heavy to hold. If you are looking for something light in weight, you need to account for other options available.

Wrapping It Up! 

I hope you will now be able to pick out the dryer’s best choice for your acrylic pouring painting.

Remington 3190 is light-weight and easy to hold. With more than one heat and speed setting, you can easily adjust the heat and speed following your need and preference. Also, it works amazingly well on your hair.

Another choice is Conair 1875 hairdryer. It is the lightest hairdryer on my list. It has an attractive design. I bet you won’t be able to take your eyes off it. The glitter in its composition adds extra charm to it. It works great both with acrylic painting and your hair.

The last choice is Revlon 1875 dryer. It’s a little heavy, but it contains more hair accessories and works terrifically.

Righteous Daddy (Rehan)
Righteous Daddy (Rehan)

My name is Rehan, and I am the dad of one cute little boy. And I have got a very supportive and lovely wife. For a living, I write content. The best thing about me is that I love reviewing consumer products. And I founded this blog to share the list of best products, unbiased reviews of items, buying guides, how-to articles, and information.

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