Do you need speakers for an outdoor projector?

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The short answer to this question is Yes. Why? Well, I am going to discuss everything I learned about speakers for an outdoor projector. Indeed, you want to enjoy the outdoor party with your nice projector and big projection screen. However, the projector and the projection are incomplete with the right sound. For the perfect party or outdoor movie night, you need the right speakers. In this article, I have answered the most asked question, and that is “DO I need speakers for an outdoor projector”?

What are the best speakers for an outdoor projector?

If you are in a hurry and only looking for speakers, the following speakers are excellent options. However, if you have time and want to throw the best party ever, I would recommend sticking to the rest of the article to learn about their importance and relevance with the speakers.

  • JBL FLIP 4 (best for wireless connectivity and clear sound)

best speakers for outdoor projector

This is a Bluetooth speaker that can be connected to your projector via Bluetooth connectivity. If your projector does not have Bluetooth, you can always use the Bluetooth adapter. Even you don’t want to use a Bluetooth adapter, go for the other options. I have listed all types of speakers so, you cannot leave empty-handed here.

These speakers support multiple connectivity options. They have support for numerous devices. According to my research, the speakers sound excellent without adjusting the bass and treble, even in outdoor settings. So, this is the first speaker I would recommend for the outdoor projector.

  • Polk Audio Atrium 4 (best for powerful bass experience)

powerful bass speaker for outdoor use

These powerful speakers are another great option for outdoor movie night. These speakers have weather durability, powerful bass, and moreover broad sound coverage.

Things you need to consider in having the best party or outdoor movie night

  • Environment
  • Projector
  • The Screen
  • Speakers


Before choosing the speakers for an outdoor movie night or a party, you need to select the right environment. It goes without saying, but I am saying it 😉 that the darker the surroundings, the better the projector will play its role. This is summertime fun, and I would not suggest you have an outdoor projector party in snow and rain for obvious reasons. To make things shorter, choose the right place with the proper lighting for the outdoor projector. Do you know there are bright room projectors? Well, if not, you can check them out here.


Choosing the right projector is another thing you need while setting up the outdoor party and movie night. If the projector you have low lumens (the brightness of projectors are measured in lumens). You are going to have a bad time because low lumens projectors won’t cut it. The picture would not be clear, and you will see the shades moving. This is not what we want for our perfect outdoor projector party. So what I suggest? Well, personally I recommend using the projector that has 3000 to 4000 lumens. The best models? Following are the best projectors for outdoor viewing.

I should inform you that no matter how many lumens your projectors have, they won’t beat the daylight. So, plan your movie night or party with this in your mind. You need to have a darker environment, even if it is outdoor. The evening time is great for throwing an outdoor projector party.

I would also recommend you considering the resolution of the projector. You do not need to have the UHD 4k outdoor projector for the best picture quality. The 1080p resolution projectors are also sufficient. So, don’t overspend while shopping for the outdoor projector.

The Screen

Before talking about the speakers, you need to look at the screen. The projector screens come in numerous shapes, sizes, and designs. You need to determine the screen according to your place. Meaning, you should opt for a screen that fits and goes with your backyard. Too windy conditions? Go for the screen that has heavy support. In typical scenarios, any screen that is suitable with your outside settings will be sufficient.

You don’t need to spend big on the screen. To make your shopping more accessible, I have listed a few of my favorite outdoor projector screens.



I know I should have talked about them much earlier. I did by listing the best speakers. However, the speakers standalone cannot make your outdoor projection experience awesome you need to consider other mentioned things. As speakers are only the one part. The projector I have seen has built-in speakers, but their 10-watt speakers are not enough for outdoor projection. You need something more powerful to experience the clear sound and music. Okay, so this article is all about speakers along with other things. But speakers are the main factor. I know I am answering about the importance of speakers, so I have shared above my speakers’ experience with the outdoor projector.

You can found tons of speakers in the market. I have only discussed what I have found entertaining enough.

In the end…

While concluding this article, I want to say that the speakers are the most essential outdoor projectors. No matter how good quality screen and projector you have, if sound sucks, everything sucks. You are not going to enjoy a big screen without the right sound. So, Speakers are an essential factor. However, we also need to consider that the projector, the environment, the screen is also suitable. In short, you need to have all four components (the projector, screen, speakers, and settings) for the best experience of the outdoor projector.

Righteous Daddy (Rehan)
Righteous Daddy (Rehan)

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