How to Keep Ground Coffee Fresh

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Keeping ground coffee fresh is as important as buying the best ground coffee. Even after purchasing the best coffee grounds, you are not 100 percent sure about the freshness will last. I can bet you that the first cup of your coffee is not as similar to your last cup of coffee from the same jar you are pouring your coffee grounds. It is staler, right?

Four significant culprits can take away the freshness from your ground coffee. That is light, air, heat, and moisture.

You need to tackle these four demons to keep your coffee as fresh as possible.

Let’s look at these significant influencers that takeaways the coffee freshness.

  1. Light & Heat

When coffee beans are roasted and ground, they release carbon dioxide, which is a natural process. With time the freshness has been lost due to this naturally occurring process. But, what can make it worse is light and heat. The grounds already release enough carbon dioxide to leave their taste and freshness behind. You do not want to have it staler than it is already going to become. So, try to avoid it from heat and light. These two factors can only increase the carbon oxidation process.

  1. Moisture

If someone has told you that keeping coffee in the refrigerator and a freezer can keep it fresh is undoubtedly an enemy of a coffee 😉. You need to keep your coffee grounds as far as possible away from moisture. And what is the central hub of moisturization is in our home? It is undoubtedly our refrigerators.

When you store your coffee in the fridge or a freezer, it absorbs moisture, and that moisture makes it go rancid quickly than ever. You can even notice that people who tend to keep their coffee grounds in the fridge for a more extended period their coffee became laced with mold.

  1. Air

Keep your ground coffee in airtight jars. As mentioned earlier, ground coffee has a natural process of oxidation. You don’t want to enhance the oxidation process with the help of Oxygen. In fact, Oxygen is the most dangerous thing you can add to your ground coffee. The air will take away the aroma of your coffee and lose its taste as well. Worst case scenario, the whole bag or jar of your coffee is going to be in the bin.

What is the best way to store your coffee?

I am keenly fond of the following steps for storing the coffee. I follow the same steps, as well.

  1. Store your coffee grounds in an airtight jar, container, or anything airtight.
  2. Please keep them in a dark and cool place. But not the coldest. Your cabinet is the best bet in this case.
  3. Never keep them near anything that gets exposed to heat. If your stove is under or near the cabinet and you think that heat can reach your coffee grounds, then the cabinet is not the best place. Hey, you know your home better than I 😉. So, store them in a cool, dark, and airtight place.

In the end….

If you want to keep your ground coffee as fresh as possible. The bitter truth is that it is going to wither away with time. You can protect the ground coffee from getting stale. However, you can slow the process down and hopefully finish your jar or coffee bag before it reaches the ultimate staleness.

If you have anything to share about this article, You can do that in the comment section. Also, you can share your refrigerator coffee story as well. I don’t mind because here is the secret. The refrigeration process is tried and tested by me :D.

Oh boy, what an excellent lecture I had from my mom. I am still sore. 😂

Righteous Daddy (Rehan)
Righteous Daddy (Rehan)

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