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No one likes when they are competing in online games and get an error “connection lost,” or the game starts to lag. You can game on WIFI, but there are numerous downsides while playing online games on Wi-Fi. The biggest drawback is connection drop, poor connectivity, and slow speed. However, Ethernet cable can squeeze out all the juice from your internet connection. In this article, I am going to share the best ethernet cables for gaming.

How did I realize the ethernet connectivity is superior to WIFI?

I upgraded my internet package. Got the new Wi-Fi router, and I thought well that I will not have any lags while gaming. I was so wrong. The game lagged the still. So, I decided to connect my laptop with the ethernet cable. Man, the internet speed was all excellent, no more lagging, no more slow connections. Then I realized that no matter how much good router and internet package in terms of speed you have, it’s going to drop at some point. While ethernet cable gives you constant speed and stable connectivity.

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What will you find in this article?

  • FAQ about ethernet cables
  • Best ethernet cables for gaming and their review
  • Infographic and text-based buyer’s guide.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Is Cat 8 Ethernet cable good for gaming?

It is excellent. The Cat 8 cable is what I am using for gaming. It supports higher-speed connections very comfortably and offers more reliability than Cat 6 and 7.

What is the fastest Ethernet cable?

The Cat 8 ethernet cable is the fastest among all other wires. You can find that in search that some people have recommended CAT 5 and 6 for gaming purposes. Those are old content. I have done the research and saw that some of the articles have not been updated since 2019. So, According to my research, CAT 8 cable is the best.

Are Cat 7 cables worth it?

Of course, they worth it. Yes, they are expensive compared to Cat 5 and 6, but they offer more stability and speed. In fact, For this article, I have only chosen cat 8 and 7 ethernet cables.

What is the best ethernet cable for gaming?

For me, it is Zosion Cat 8 Cable. However, I have listed two other options, as well. See the table below.


Connector Type


RighteousDaddy Choice

Zosion Cat 8 Cable

Cat8 Ethernet Cable by DabillionDa

Zosion Cat 8 Cable- Righteous Daddy Choice

best ethernet cable for gaming

As I stated earlier that cat 8 is the best ethernet cable for gaming. Zosion cat 8 is an excellent option when it comes to gaming.


What is good about this ethernet cable? Let’s find out.


This ethernet cable can boost your speed. In my research, I found out that being one of the fastest cables is true. I had been maxing out my internet at 300 Mbps. However, after attaching my laptop with a router using Zosion cat 8 cables, I reached 500 Mbps. And that is the maximum I can get on my current connection.

26AWG compliance

AWG Standards for American wire gauge. What is the American wire gauge? You can read it here.

Durable design

This ethernet cable for gaming is durable. As I said, it has 26AWG compliance. It has a rounded shape with a diameter of 6.3mm. It is thick. Moreover, it is made from copper wires that are covered with 0.8 mm PVC. This all adds to its stability, rigidity, and flexibility. For connection, it has gold plated Rj45 connectors.

Backward Compatibility

The best thing about this ethernet cable is its ability to go backward. Meaning? It is compatible with cat 6. Cat 7, cat 5, and cat 5E. You can also connect this ethernet cable with smart devices like Alexa, Siri, and Google Home.

Shielded or not?

Yes, it is double shielded.

What about gaming consoles?

Yes, this is among the ethernet cables for gaming that support PC, PS4, and Xbox.

TIA Standard certified

Zosion Cat 8 ethernet cable for gaming is certified by TIA for 10G channel.

Third-party tested

Honest and transparency is the key. And that is the thing that attracts me the most. I chose this cable because it has been tested by fluke analyzers, and they are satisfied with it. So, Am I.

What’s included in the box?

You will get the ethernet cable you have ordered. Second, depending on the cable’s size, you will get free clips and ties to store or adjust the length of the ethernet cable. Suppose you have ordered the 15 ft. ethernet cable. You will get 15 ties and 15 clips. I know it can vary, and I cannot say for sure what will be included in your box.


Time to look at its drawbacks. So, here we go.

The thing I hated the most before this ethernet cable and in this cable is the plastic clips on the connector. They broke quite quickly, and so, the same happened to me. I pressed the clip to connect this cable with my laptop, and it broke.

That’s the only fault I found in this cable.

To understand its features and flaws. See the pros cons below.

Things I Liked

Things I Disliked

  • Durable

  • Noticeable speed difference while gaming

  • Worth the money

  • Low-quality connector clips


My verdict

if you are looking for the best ethernet cables for gaming, get this one. As it is durable, long-lasting, and surely you will see a good quality of speed while gaming. It offers outstanding value and totally worth your money.

The only drawback I found is its low-quality connector clips. But I think you are going to see these damn things on every ethernet cable.

Cat8 Ethernet Cable by DabillionDa

cat8 ethernet cable for gaming

This is another excellent ethernet cable for gaming. It is inexpensive but offers a genuinely lag-free experience when it comes to gaming and streaming.


Let’s check out its features.


Thanks to its quad shielded coating, you can experience the fastest speed of the internet. It supports up to 2000 MHZ and 40 Gbps of transfer rate. It can reduce the interference and gives your internet the boost it needed. Please note that the speed is totally relative to your own connection. If you have a 300 Mbps internet package, you cannot get 500 Mbps just with the ethernet cable. Yeah, someone asked me this question. That guy, right?

Best of both worlds

This gaming ethernet cable is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. It has a waterproof and UV resistant PVC coating. Also, it is a 26AWG standard that is superior to 32AWG. In short, you will get a durable and sturdy cable. For outdoor purposes, this cat8 ethernet cable added the weather resistance I discussed in this feature. Moreover, its covering is also anti-corrosion.

RJ45 connectors on both ends

It has RJ45 connectors on both ends. Making it highly suitable for gaming consoles, streaming devices as well as gaming on PC.

Is it shielded or not?

Yes, it is shielded


I have reviewed its features. It’s high time that I share its cons with you.

The first thing the quality is not as sturdy as other ethernet cables out there. The second thing I noticed is its connecting quality. It does not fit securely into the LAN/Wan socket. Also, it is not backward compatible.

To help you choose better. Below are its pros and cons

Things I Liked

Things I Disliked

  • Fast

  • Decrease the interference

  • Weather-resistant

  • can be used indoors & outdoors

  • Does not fit properly

  • built quality is so and so

  • No backward compatibility


My verdict

This ethernet cable offers fast speed if you are getting a low speed already. The feature that stands out is its ability to decrease the interference it has. And it is one of the budget-friendly cables. However, the build quality is just on par. And, it has loose ends, to be honest. This thing does not feel tightly fit inside the ports.


cat7 ethernet cable for gaming and streaming

This is cat 7 among the best ethernet cables for gaming. It supports up to 600 MHZ. 10 GBPs on the max.


Let’s look at its essential features.

Versatile compatibility

The thing that made me choose this ethernet cable for gaming is its compatibility with numerous devices. You can connect it with your laptop, gaming consoles like PS4 and Xbox. Moreover, it is compatible with printers as well. It has RJ45 connectors that make it possible. You can also use this ethernet cable in your office.

Flexible Design

Unlike Cat8 Ethernet Cable by DabillionDa, it has a flexible design. Meaning, without any tangles, you can adjust it anywhere from any distance you want.

Backward Compatible

What makes it one of the best ethernet cables for gaming is its ability of backward compatibility. It is compatible with 5 and 5e and Cat6 as well.

Shielded or not?

Yes, sir, it is a shielded cable. 😉

Less interference

You will surely notice less interference if you are upgrading from Cat5 or Cat6 cable. As, this cable has 4 shieldings, and the connectors are made from 24k gold-plated. Also, they are bent free and strain-free as well. Makes it less prone to interference.

Flat cable design

It has a flat cable design. It will adjust easily under the carpet, behind the curtains, anywhere you want to hide. It won’t be an eyesore like many other cables out there.


Time to look at its downsides. I did my best to find flaws in this cable. But, I failed. However, there is only one issue that I talked about earlier. This cable also has the same problem. The plastic clip and broke quite quickly than I expected. It snapped after 3 to 4 times connecting.

To make your shopping easier. Following are the pros and cons.

Things I Liked

Things I Disliked

  • Makes your internet speedy again

  • Minimal design

  • Backward compatibility

  • The clip quality sucks


My Verdict

This is also the best ethernet cable for gaming. Offers durability, an excellent gaming experience, and a discreet design. I have found the only downside is the clip quality that we press to connect the cable in the port. It sucks! But it sucks on every ethernet cable, didn’t it? So, yes, I recommend buying this.

What to look for in an ethernet cable for gaming?

It’s time to check out the buying guide for ethernet cables. In case you do not like my suggestions or want to know more about how to pick the best ethernet cable for gaming.

This buying guide can be handy for you. I have created infographics for those who are always in a hurry, and a text-based guide is for those who want to have detailed knowledge before going shopping.

With that said, let’s check out some of the factors that should be an influence when shopping for an ethernet cable for gaming.

what to look for when buying ethernet cable for gaming

Cat types

No, this is not a “meow me meow” cat. This Cat stands for a category. The standardizing organization gives a different rating and names to the cables. So, let me explain briefly what the categories type are in an ethernet cable.

  • Cat 3: Cat3 cables are outdated now in this age, but some people may be using them in some parts of the world. It was or is suitable for an internet connection with 10 Mbps. The primary use of cat 3 cables is voice calling. “you know when the skype was all the rave.”
  • Cat 5: These are the advanced editions of cat 3. They can handle the speed of 100 Mbps.
  • Cat 5e: They are the upgraded edition of cat 5. These cables can handle commercial environments as well as they are used for Gigabit internet.
  • Cat 6: They are more advanced than cat 5e and ruled the internet world for an exceptionally long time. These are suitable for higher speed internet.
  • Cat 7: These are more advance, have less interference than cat 6 cables. And offers a more stable and secure connectivity. They can support up to 10 Gbps.
  • Cat 8: These are the latest in the ethernet cable. They can go up to 2000 MHZ. And 40 Gbps internet.
So which type should you choose?

You can choose any type you want according to your speed internet and what package you are using. If you are on 100 MBPs internet, I think cat 5e and 6 will be sufficient for you. But we gamers like overkills. Look at me. I got a CAT 8. And I believe it is totally worth it.

I recommend choosing Cat 7 and Cat 8 ethernet cables for gaming.

Shielded Vs. Unshielded

In my reviews, I have only mentioned the shielded and the latest ethernet cables. So, what is the shielded and unshielded cables are? Let’s give it a brief look.

Shielded Ethernet cables contain two-conductors of a sole electrode and twisted together to produce less noise that is EMI, and EMI stands for electric magnetic interference. As you can see that virtually all the Cat8 Ethernet cables are shielded ones.

While unshielded twisted cables can also reduce the Emi, they are more prone to interferences and not very suitable where the internet’s higher speed is required. And this is what we are trying to achieve here while gaming.

So, go for the shielded ethernet cable.

Does the color of the ethernet matter?

You see that there are many coloring options in an ethernet cable. Does the color make any difference? No, it does not. The ethernet cable’s color does not matter in performance, but it can count for your décor.

Length of Ethernet Cable

The length of the ethernet cable totally depends on your own usage. If you have a distance of 15 ft from the device, get the 15-20 ft cable.

Backward compatibility

Backward compatibility is another factor that you should consider while shopping for the ethernet cable for gaming. Suppose you have purchased the cat8; however, your internet connection is yet to have reached that upper limit. The backward compatibility allows the cable to behave and act like a cat6 ethernet cable.

In the end…

I hope you have enjoyed the work I have put into creating this list. Know that my reviews are totally unbiased, and no one can have an influence on them. I want to keep it that way my whole life. The righteous man, you know. Anyhow, Above, I have answered the most frequently asked questions. Then I reviewed the best ethernet cables for gaming. Then, in the end, I have shared the infographic and text-based buyer’s guide to making your shopping more comfortable.

That’s all for this article. See you in the next one.

Your savior in shopping! 😉

Righteous Daddy (Rehan)
Righteous Daddy (Rehan)

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