The Best Laptop For Watching Movies In 2021

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Are you searching for the best laptop for watching movies? I have answered your query and listed some of the best laptops for entertainment in this article. For having the best movie experience, you need a laptop with an excellent display with a suitable resolution. You need to focus on display because our primary focus here is watching movies. We want to watch movies in the best possible resolution. The era of SD or even 720p resolution is over. So, if you are still watching movies on these resolutions, it’s time for you to upgrade your laptop. And, this is where I come into play to make your shopping of laptops easy.

I have researched for around 24 hours to find laptops that are an excellent companion for entertainment like watching movies. Know that you need to spend more on laptops that have a better resolution, like 4k ones. I think 4k laptops are the best ones to watch movies. However, the FHD laptops with a resolution of 1080p are also good options. I have listed both so you can choose the one according to your needs and budget.

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List of best laptops for watching movies

Laptop Display Size BUY
2020 Apple MacBook Air- Righteous Daddy Choice 13 inches Check Price On Amazon
Dell XPS 15- Best 4k laptop for watching movies 15.6 inches Check Price On Amazon
Acer Predator Helios 300 15.6 inches Check Price On Amazon


2020 Apple MacBook Air- Righteous Daddy Choice

13 inch laptop for watching movies

Apple Macbook Air is the best option for watching movies because it is not heavy on the pocket, and second it has one of the best displays in the market. Its high-quality display is very vivid, and bright makes the movie experience awesome.


The laptop comes with the AI machine learning chip known as M1, making the CPU and GPU more performable than any other laptop. I genuinely admire this chip because of its adaptive learning.

The battery life of this laptop is top-notch. If you are a person who likes to watch movies on the go, you will surely love this laptop as it offers up to 18 hours of battery life.

It has an 8 core CPU that makes multitasking a breeze and offers speedy processing to keep your laptop lag-free. The processor also assists in running the resources of extensive apps and software without much hassle. In addition, the CPU has a unique feature that is known as a 16 core neural engine. This feature is designed for machine learning, and I think you will truly enjoy this feature while using this laptop. The GPU is integrated with the processor, and the graphics card is also 8 GB, respectively.

The RAM is not a primary factor to consider in laptops that are meant for watching movies. However, you also do not need a laptop with very little memory, making the laptop slow. The Apple Air has enough 8 GB RAM to run things smoothly and efficiently.

For storage, you will get a 512 GB solid-state drive that is awesome in opening the files and apps quickly.

Now let’s talk about its display that is the most crucial factor in a laptop for watching movies. The laptop has 13.3 inches retina display with P3 colors that make the images’ videos brighter and sharper than ever.

The Macbook Air has MAC OS for the operating system.


This is a portable, easy-to-carry laptop with enough battery life to entertain you on the go. It has a thin bezel and more screen area. However, it has only 13.3 inches screen, so that’s can be a drawback for some. Especially if you enjoy the movies on the more prominent display. Moreover, the laptop is thin and lightweight. IF we talk about numbers, it weighs only 2.8 lbs and has the dimensions of 11.97 x 0.63 x 8.36 inches,

If we look at its body, you can see that it has an excellent keyboard layout. The keys have a pleasant traveling speed and are easy to press. You can also see that it has a speaker on the top left side of the body just next to the keyboard.

For connectivity, this laptop offers two Thunderbolt 4 USB ports for the thunderbolt, charging, and connecting external display via display port.


There are not a lot of drawbacks to talk about in this laptop. However, if you enjoy a larger display, you will not like its 13.3 inches display. In addition, the sound quality of built-in speakers is average. And that’s the only two downsides I founded in this laptop.

To make your decision clearer, I have listed the things I liked and disliked below.

Things I liked

✅ Vivid Display
✅ Easy to carry
✅ Excellent battery life

Things I disliked

❌ The display is smaller for some people
❌ Average sound quality

My Two Cents

MacBook Air is a budget-friendly option if we talk about the Apple product line. This notebook offers a brighter and sharper display that makes the movie experience friendly. Moreover, you can carry it anywhere and watch videos and movies on the go with an average battery life of 15 hours. I highly recommend this laptop for portability, battery timing, and watching movies on the go. However, if you are among those who want to have a larger display, this laptop is not suitable for you. I would recommend the other laptops to you.

Dell XPS 15- Best 4k laptop for watching movies

Best 4k laptop for watching movies

If you have the money to spend. Wants an excellent 4k movie experience, then Dell XPS 15 is your best bet. It offers enough specs to entertain you comfortably. Moreover, it has a larger display compared to Macbook Air. XPS 15 UHD 4k display that makes the movies life-like. And that’s why I recommend this laptop to my readers. I have listed this laptop on the 2nd just because of the price point. As the laptop is expensive.


As we talked earlier and I told you that the display is the most critical factor in the laptop for watching movies. Well, XPS 15 offers the best display you can imagine right now. It has a 15.6 Ultra high definition screen with a resolution of 3840 into 2160. In addition, dell used the infinity-edge technology in this laptop with an anti-reflective touch of 100 percent IPS. Moreover, it has 500 Nits RGB.

For processing the tasks, this laptop comes with the intel core i7-9740H CPU with 6 cores 12 MB smart cache and can reach up to the speed of 4.5 GHz. The processor is powerful enough to run multiple things at the same time without breaking a sweat.

Ah, the memory is also on superb levels. Remember that Macbook Air has 8 GB RAM; however, the XPS 15 has 16 GB of RAM. Nicely slotted into two different 8G slots. You will surely enjoy the speediness of this laptop.

For storing data, it offers a hefty 1 Terabyte Solid-state drive. The SSD not only pulls things quicker but stores a lot of data. So if you are a movie fanatic and want to store plenty of movies and videos on your laptop, then Dell XPS 15 is the one that you should choose for yourself.

The Dell XPS 15, the model I have reviewed, has GTX 1650 as a GPU. Meaning, you will enjoy a sharper and vivid display. This means only one thing, and that is a better movie experience 😉.

XPS 15 comes with the built-in windows 10.


As I have discussed the display in features, you will glad to know that the screen is touchable, meaning it has a touch screen. In addition, the built quality of this laptop is super nice and feels premium. As it is made of premium stuff.

If we look at its bezel, you will find that they are ultra-thin and gives more space to screen. So you will have more watching space than an ordinary laptop.

The touchpad and a keyboard have a nice layout on the surface. The traveling speed of keys is excellent. Moreover, the touchpad is sensitive and allows easy scrolling.

It has two USB 3.0 ports and one USB 2.0 port. Moreover, the laptop weighs around 5.5 pounds and has dimensions of 9.27 x 14.06 x 0.66 inches.


Time to look at its darker side. Usually, no one talks about it, but the battery life of this laptop sucks. It gives you an average of 3 to 4 hours, making it unsuitable for on-the-go Use. Also, this laptop is heavier on the pocket, so saving money is out of the question.

To help you decide better, I have listed the things I liked and disliked in this laptop.

Things I liked

✅ Excellent UHD display
✅ Fast
✅ A lot of storage

Things I disliked

❌ Expensive
❌ Poor battery life

My Two Cents

If you have the money to spend and looking to have the best possible movie experience on the laptop, then dell XPS 15 is the best choice. This is because it has a UHD 4k display that makes things vivid. Moreover, as it is a premium laptop, the specs are powerful enough to justify its price. No doubt, it has a powerful processor, a lot of storage, and adequate RAM and graphics card to run games even. Therefore, I would recommend this laptop if you are willing to spend and look to have a laptop with an excellent display and do other tasks. However, if your purpose is to watch movies, only go for some other notebook.

Acer Predator Helios 300

best gaming laptop for watching movies

This is the third and final laptop on my list. See, I am not into shoving extensive lists just for the sake of commission so, I genuinely trim down the things and discard the questionable models. My purpose hereof providing you with the la creme list. With that said, let’s get back to the list.

Predator Helios 300 is a gaming laptop; however, this machine is also suitable for watching movies quite comfortably. It has FHD 144 Hz with a 3ms response time display.


Helios 300 comes with an FHD 15.6 inches display with a resolution of 1920 x 1080. In addition, it has a backlit LED display with a brightness of 300 nits. Furthermore, this laptop display has a refresh rate of 144 Hz.

The predator Helios 300 comes with the 10th generation intel core i7 processor. In addition, it has an i7-10750H processor that has 6 cores and can reach up to 5.0 GHz.

If you like to store movies on your laptop, you will be happy with its 512 GB solid-state drive. That not only pull the files quickly but also make the searching faster. So, if you search for your favorite movie, the solid-state drive will show the results to you more quickly than ever.

In the graphics card department, this laptop is superior to Dell XPS 15 and Apple Macbook Air. However, it is an obvious thing as this is a gaming laptop. Helios 300 has the RTX series GPU. It has RTX 3060 for gaming needs.

This laptop comes with a 16 GB DDR4 Ram. Making the processing smooth, faster, and easier. You can open plenty of tabs without making your laptop hang.

Helios 300 Predator comes with built-in 64 bits windows 10.


This is a gaming laptop so, the hefty design was expected. However, this laptop surprised me with its weight. It weighs only 4.85 lbs which is even lesser than dell XPS 15.

The bezel is thin and has an edgy design on the top corners. The movie quality is superb on 144hz. Moreover, the keyboard has RGB lighting making it suitable to use in the dark. Also, the RGB lighting adds to the beauty of the keyboard. This laptop has a full layout keyboard meaning it has a numeric pad as well. The traveling speed of the keys is excellent, and the buttons are smooth. The touchpad is also sensitive and easy to scroll.


Time to look at its drawback. I have not significant disadvantages with this laptop. However, the first con is its battery life. It truly sucks this laptop will not last longer than 2 hours. Second, this laptop is bulky. So, the two disadvantages you have to bear are not suitable for on-the-go Use. Second, it is not very portable.

To help you choose better, I have listed the things I liked and disliked in this laptop.

Things I liked

✅ Display quality
✅ RGB lighting

Things I disliked

❌ Poor battery timing
❌ Not very portable

My Two Cents

The laptop, without any doubt, is a beast in the specification area. It has RTX 3060 Graphics card. The quality of the display is top-notch. The RGB lighting of the keyboard adds to its beauty. You will surely enjoy this laptop for movies and for gaming as well. It’s an entertainment powerhouse, and that’s why I recommend this laptop to you. However, if you want portability and want to have an on-the-go movie experience, I would not recommend this laptop. For that Purpose, Macbook Air is best.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Choose Best Laptop For Watching Movies

You need to keep in mind the following factors while shopping for a laptop for entertainment like watching movies.

  1. Display

This is the most important factor while shopping for a laptop when it comes to watching movies. You need excellent display quality on the laptop to have the best movie experience. Therefore, you need to look at the laptop’s resolution. If you want to have a satisfactory experience goes for the laptop with a Full HD display. For a premium and more vivid experience, opt for the laptop with a 4k display.

  1. Processor

Let’s face the fact. Your purpose is to watch movies. Therefore, you do not need a lot of processing power. However, that is not true. You do need to have a CPU capable of running stuff smoothly. So it will be stupid to recommend a laptop with a 1st generation intel core i5 processor. When the laptops now have 11th generation processors.

  1. Graphics Card

Graphics cards are more popular among gamers, but they play a role in watching videos and images. The right GPU will make the image clearer and sharper, while the low-end GPU cannot enhance the display quality. That’s the reason I only recommended the laptop that has a good GPU.

  1. RAM

Having more ram is essential. The least RAM I recommend for watching movies is 4 GB. However, I would recommend getting 8 GB RAM for more smooth Use of your machine.

  1. Display Size

This is your own preference. Some people enjoy movies on a bigger display, and some want them on a smaller display. The thing you need to consider is the resolution. As long as the resolution is good, you will enjoy the movie experience. In this article, I have listed the different laptops with different display sizes.

Which laptop is good for watching movies?

I have already answered this question by enlisting the best laptops. However, the following laptops are suitable for watching movies. 😊

Laptop Display Size BUY
2020 Apple MacBook Air- Righteous Daddy Choice 13 inches Check Price On Amazon
Dell XPS 15- Best 4k laptop for watching movies 15.6 inches Check Price On Amazon
Acer Predator Helios 300 15.6 inches Check Price On Amazon
Is it wrong to watch movies on the laptop?

No, why would it be wrong to watch movies on the laptop? I watch movies and my favorite shows on the laptop all the time. In fact, I prefer a laptop more than a TV as I can watch stuff more easily by confining myself to the one end of the bed without disturbing others. So, I think it is a good idea to watch movies on the laptop.

Can I watch movies on my laptop for free?

Yes, you can watch movies for free on your laptop on the websites like Youtube and others.

How much RAM do I need for watching movies?

For watching movies, the least ram I recommend is 4 GB. However, I would recommend you go for at least 8 GB to have a better experience.

Wrapping it up!

I am going to wrap this article here. I have listed the top 3 best laptops for watching movies after extensive research of 24 hours. After reviewing those laptops, I have answered the questions you people have asked me about this topic. You can ask more questions or even give suggestions in the comment section below.

Righteous Daddy (Rehan)
Righteous Daddy (Rehan)

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