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The best projector for small rooms is a short-throw projector with the ability to zoom. Choosing the right type of projector is highly important for the optimal experience. That’s why I have decided to help you choose the best projector for a small room.

I have a small room too. I had been shortlisting some of the best projectors for some time. However, I have not purchased any of it yet.

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What Have I Covered in this article?

  • FAQ about small room projectors
  • Best projectors for small room

Frequently asked questions about small room projectors

Let’s start by clearing some most asked queries.

Can you use a projector in a small room?

Yes, you can. For that purpose, you need a short-throw projector, and it needs to be placed 3 to 8 feet away from the screen for ideal results.

What is the best inexpensive projector for small spaces?

The best inexpensive projector is ViewSonic PS501X on my list. However, there are plenty out there. I don’t recommend buying cheap projectors because of the quality. Yes, the inexpensive models do work. They will project on your wall, but the quality will be low. The cheapest one on my list still offers good quality. So, you can choose this one if you want. I don’t want my readers to buy garbage, that’s all.

What is the best projector for a small room?

According to my research, the best projector for a small room is Optoma HD146X. However, in this article, I have listed the top 3 projectors that can be used in a small space. See the table below for the best projectors.

Optoma HD146X- Righteous Daddy Choice

best projector for small room

If you are looking for a budget-friendly short-throw projector with higher brightness and enough lumens to run even in bright settings, this is your best bet.


Let’s see what it has to offer.

Picture Quality

Optoma HD146X has a native HD display with a resolution of 1920 x 1080. It has a contrast ratio of 25,000:1, which is pretty neat.


Thanks to its RYGCWB (the six colors segmented wheel), it allows you to use it anywhere. Yes, even in bright rooms. You can use it in a living room, small room, or even in a gaming room without much hassle, making it one of the best multi-purpose projectors.

Suitable For Gamers

If you are a gamer, you will love this budget-friendly projector. It offers a 16 ms interval gaming mode that allows you to play games without sacrificing quality. If gaming mode is activated, you will also notice that shadow and dark scenes are brightened.

Dynamic viewing

This is another excellent feature Optoma HD146X has. The dynamic view will keep your bright images clear, and for the dark imagery, it will enhance them to be viewed properly.


This technology allows you to control the connected HDMI devices and the projector with a single remote control. You do not have to operate your connected devices separately. You can turn on or off everything with a sole remote.

DLP powered

Digital Light Processing is a standard developed by Texas instruments. In a nutshell, this technology allows the projector to be more vivid and bright.


The zooming it allows is only 1.1x. So, that’s is not very impressive in my eyes.

Lamp life

If you use it in bright mode, you will get a lamp life of 4000 hours. However, In eco-friendly mode, you can have a life of 15000 hours.

Dimensions and weight

Optoma HD146X has dimensions of 9.5 x 12.4 x 4.3 inches, and it weighs 6.2 pounds.


You will get the 3 ports; one Hdmi 1.4, audio out, and a Type-A USB port for power.


This projector is only 3d compatible. It has no 4k and HDR compatibility.


It offers 3600 lumens. Making it suitable for daylight viewing.


Let’s see what it lacks. The first thing I noticed that optoma claims that it has low noise. However, that’s not true. The fans are noisy. The second drawback I encountered is its low zooming range.

Things I Liked

Things I Disliked

  • Vivid display

  • DLP

  • Multi-purpose

  • Noisy

  • Low Zooming range


My Two Cents

Optoma HD146X offers bright viewing, can fit inside a small room. You can even use it for daylight viewing and in your living room without having a hole in your pocket. If you can neglect the fan’s noise and a 1.1x zoom, I would highly recommend buying it.

BenQ HT2150ST

short throw projector

This is the second projector on my list for small rooms. I listed it on the 2nd number because of its pricing. I tend to recommend budget-friendly options. Features wise it is an outclass projector, and if you can afford it. I cannot stop you from buying it.


It’s time to look at its offering to us.

Picture quality

BenQ HT2150ST offers the same Full HD quality as Optoma HD146X. This projector supports up to 1920 x 1080 resolution. However, it has less contrast ratio than Optoma HD146x. The BenQ HT2150ST stands with a contrast ratio of 15000:1. Thanks to its 6x RGBRGB color wheel, you can use it to watch movies and enjoy playing games.

Ultra short throw distance

This is a feature that makes it perfect for small rooms. You can use it just 3 feet away from the 100 inches projector screen. That’s incredible, right?

Gamers Friendly

Like Optoma HD146x, it also has a mode for gamers with low lag and HD display. You can enjoy gaming on more giant screens. The display quality is clearly better if compared to Optoma HD146X.


It also has DLP technology making the viewing more vivid and crispier to your eyes.

Easy to Install

It is easy to install the device. Comes with vertical alignment, so you can easily adjust it.


BenQ HT2150ST offers 1.2x zooming. That’s is only .1 greater than Optoma HD146X.

Dimensions and weight

It has dimensions of 4.79 x 14.98 x 10.91 inches, and it weighs 7.93 lbs.


Like optoma, it has no HDR and 4k Compatibility. However, It is Full HD 3D compatible.


It offers two HDMI ports and Audio in and audio out jacks.


It offers 2200 ANSI lumens. It is not suitable for daylight viewing.


The first drawback I noticed is its inability of digital zooming. You have to manual zoom, and again you are limited to only 1.2x only. The second thing I disliked is that it has fewer lumens, so you can use it if you have many windows or lighting in your desired room.

Things I Liked

Things I Disliked

  • Best for gamers

  • Crispy Display

  • It can be used from only 3 feet away for 100 inches screen.

  • No digital zooming

  • Not suitable for daylight viewing


My Two cents

Despite having less zoom and lumens, this projector offers excellent visibility in low light settings. The low lag makes it ideal for gamers that have a small room. The selling point is its ability to ultra-short throwing. So, would I recommend it? Yes, I recommend this projector for low light settings and want to have a short-throw projector.

I would not recommend this to those who wish to use a short-throw projector in daylight viewing.

ViewSonic PS501X

Best projector for small classrooms and offices

PS501x by ViewSonic is an excellent option for small conference rooms and small classes. It is budget-friendly and offers enough features to make your projection experience satisfactory.


Let see its features.

Color Accuracy

It has super color technology that makes the projection more vivid and brighter.


The great thing about this projector is its multi-purposes. You can use it in any setting. It provides better image quality from daylight viewing to low light thanks to its 6 segment wheel colors.

Short Throw

The throw distance is incredible. It is even better than BenQ HT2150ST. ViewSonic PS501X can be used from 2.5 feet away from 100 inches screen. And 4 feet away for 125 inches screen.

Lamp Life

The lamp life of this projector is quite similar to Optoma HD146X. PS501X offers the same 15000 hours life in eco-friendly mode.


It is powered by DLP technology, making the projection crispier, however, the resolution. PS501X is less compared to the other two projectors I have mentioned above. They both have Full HD display settings. However, this projector maxed out at 720p.


For connectivity, you will get both HDMI 1.4 and VGA ports. It also offers 2 USB ports and an audio jack in and out.


It offers 3500 ANSI lumens meaning you can use it in even the brightest settings like daylight viewing.

Dimensions and weight

It has the dimensions of 4.53 x 11.50 x 9.29 inches and weighs 5.73 lbs.


I have noticed two downsides in the PS501X. The first thing that does not offer a full HD display, and the second issue is that it is not suitable for gamers.

Things I Liked

Things I Disliked

  • Excellent Short Throw

  • Lightweight

  • Budget-friendly

  • No FULL HD projection

  • Not suitable for gamers

My Two Cents

PS501X Offers excellent short throw for small spaces and bigger displays. It is a perfect option for classrooms and small office spaces. Also, it is comparatively lightweight compared to Optoma HD146X and BenQ HT2150ST. This one is even not heavy on your pocket. If you need a projector for a small office space or a classroom, I highly recommend this. However, I would not recommend this projector to gamers and watching movies as it does not have a full HD display.

Wrapping it up…

I will conclude this article by saying that the best projector for small spaces is the short throw projectors. When shopping for a projector for small places, you need to look at the short-throw projectors. In this list, I have listed some of the projectors that are an excellent option for small rooms.

If you are into gaming and watching movies with a limited budget for a projector, I would recommend you Optoma HD146X.  This projector is also suitable for daylight viewing.

For those who like to have more power in the low-level lights then, I would like to recommend you BenQ HT2150ST. It is expensive compared to Optoma HD146X. However, it does not fit for bright rooms.

And If you are looking for a projector for small offices and a classroom. In short, your purpose in getting a projector is for professional use within a limited budget. Then, nothing beats the PS501X by Viewsonic.

That’s all are my recommendation that I have picked after extensive research of 24 hours or more. If you have any opinions and questions, do share them in the comment sections below.

Righteous Daddy (Rehan)
Righteous Daddy (Rehan)

My name is Rehan, and I am the dad of one cute little boy. And I have got a very supportive and lovely wife. For a living, I write content. The best thing about me is that I love reviewing consumer products. And I founded this blog to share the list of best products, unbiased reviews of items, buying guides, how-to articles, and information.

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