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A helping hand for all your shopping needs! I (Righteous daddy is here to empower your shopping experience with the best products, unbiased reviews of items, buying guides, how-to articles, and information).

About Me

About Righteous Daddy who is he?

My name is Rehan, and I am the dad of one cute little boy. And I have got a very supportive and lovely wife. For a living, I write content. The best thing about me is that I love reviewing consumer products. And I founded this blog to share the list of best products, unbiased reviews of items, buying guides, how-to articles, and information.

Righteous daddy makes your shopping effortless. (Yeah, that’s me 😉). 


Why have I Started This Blog?  

I have been observing many different consumer blogs, and most of them are working for commissions and making money. I am not going to lie as I am a righteous daddy :D. My goal is also to make a living out of this blog. However, I am a straightforward and honest person.

So, I can promise you one thing. I am not going to share any product that is garbage. And even I ended up reviewing junk products; I will clearly state that it’s rubbish.

No matter how much commission that brand offers, I will not recommend garbage to my readers.

We all love to get the best products for ourselves, for our family and loved ones. For instance, I want the best feeder, the best pacifier, the best crib, the best mattress for my son, and anything he has needed. As a father, I will provide for him. So, I thought if I wanted everything best for me, my wife, my son, and my family, why not I share those things, the products I founded, the products I will find with you guys as well? Look, I am as ordinary as you. If you are reading this, you should know that I am not here to compete with sharks. Of course, I cannot; I am the sole person.

Why Trust Me?

I can promise you a few things. Number 1: My reviews are and will be unbiased. Second I will not shy away from telling you that I earn a commission for the products I recommend. Yes, it is hard to remain neutral when you choose the list of best products. You know that, naturally, people tend to recommend expensive products so they can earn higher commissions. But, I am here to change that! I will never recommend the product just for the sake of commission.

Righteous daddy is here to save you from crap!

How Am I Different Compared To Other Consumer Product listicles and Reviewers?

See, if my son asks me, dad, what laptop should I get? Will I send him to the most expensive one to buy or the one that provides the best value? Yes, you judged it correct. I will get him the laptop that offers outstanding value. As I don’t want to overspend my hard-earned money, how can I suggest you overspending your hard-earned money?

I hope you got my point and understand why I am different from others.

If you don’t, then let me explain.

Why would I ever recommend a thing to my readers that I will not get for myself? For my son? For my wife? And family& friends?

The difference between me and others out there is simple. I don’t get samples and free products for the sake of reviews and commissions. Also, You (my readers) are like a family to me. So, I will only give you my honest opinions and recommendations. Like the ones, I will give to my son, wife, and (upcoming babies). 😉

Righteous daddy helps you choose the best products.

As I said earlier. I want the best for myself and my family. So, How can I suggest and share the list of crap with my readers? So, Yes, I am a righteous daddy who never lies.


What is my notion?

See, I have this idea in mind that someday my son will grow up, and he will see what his dad has done. I Imagine and dream that if my wife, my son, my family, myself, or friends of mine visit some blog, they should get the honest reviews, the best product they had been searching for their needs.

The family is the one you choose. You can make them your loyal warriors or enemies. So, I decided that I will treat my blog readers as my family, as well. Look, I am not here to enforce things upon you, fellas. I am here to make you guys part of my family. If I am promoting something wrong, you must stop me; however, If you find that I am writing the best stuff. You should encourage me.

I am a solopreneur here. I got no budget to hire an army of writers, editors, and staff. I have no marketing team who will promote me to you. If you have found this blog somehow and you are reading this, and looked around my blog and honestly believe that I am providing valuable information to you. Then, please join me and support “righteous daddy” by sharing it with others.

I want to connect with you guys.

In the end….

All I want to say is that “An honorable person is that who is just. I want to be just. No one wants bad things for their family. Neither do I. So, that is my promise. I will only share the list of products that my loved ones admire, already have, or want to have. Second, this blog always will be free to you guys. If you purchase something via my “affiliate link,” I will earn commissions. It will not cost you anything extra, though. I have a full dedicated page of advertiser disclosure.